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Why you Need a Realtor that Specializes in Relocation

  • 19 June, 2017
  • By Admin: Debbie West
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Making a move to another city or state or even country can be an exciting yet stressful time. Add to that your families stress of starting over somewhere new and the multitude of decisions to make that will determine where will be the best area or neighborhood to live that will best suit you and your family.

If you are single you might not want to move right into the middle of a neighborhood great for young children and the reverse if you have a family with children you might want to be in a neighborhood that has amenities – such as baby pools, playgrounds, skate parks etc – that would  fit your family.

That is why it is VERY important to pick a realtor that has experience with relocation and knows all of the aspects to take into consideration when helping a person or family make that big move. Here are some of the things I suggest you keep in mind when looking at a new area:

  1. What are the local school’s API Scores – this will give you a good idea of not only how good the school is but how many families live in the area. I school with a high API score is going to attract many families. Even if you do not have children it is to your advantage to have a good school nearby for resale value.
  2. How far are you from your new job and what type of roads/freeways/toll roads are accessible to you . It may be that you are more miles away from your job but if you have close access to a toll road that might make your trip shorter than if you live closer!
  3. What do you and or your family enjoy doing? Do you like the beach ? if so we might focus on looking at homes closer to the water. You might get a slightly smaller home but you will be closer to where you and your family would like to spend time. Also, closer to the water gives you cooler temperatures as well. Or do you prefer the city, or the mountains, or the desert areas? We have it all!!

These are some of the things I suggest you ask yourself – but I will ask you too !– as I help you figure out what is the best area for you. In addition to finding you the area and home that is best for you  – I also help you get started – with suggestions and info on local restaurants, activities and things to do. These are the things I think are important to helping you and your family feel comfortable in your new home and community.

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