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What to do Once You are in Escrow

  • 19 June, 2017
  • By Admin: Debbie West
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Now that you are in Escrow….

To do list:

1. It is important that your lender is secured, rate locked and has everything they need to proceed with the loan.

2. If escrow does not contact you right away – I will call escrow officer working with your purchase and make arrangements to wire your deposit or for you to drop off deposit check or money order. Escrow is a very important part of the process in buying your home. They will be sending you paperwork to sign – it is good to be familiar with your officer and feel comfortable to call and ask questions – they are working for you.

3. Schedule Physical Home Inspection-

I am happy to arrange this for you unless you would rather research yourself – These are inspectors I have worked with before but please do your own research as well:

Phil Adams – Pillar to Post home inspections 949-285-5744

Mitch Fredericks Home inspections – 714-731-2282

Tony Sherriff – The home inspector – – 949-329-0637

4. If you are selling your home or if you are buying a distressed property that is being sold “as is” you will need a  Termite inspection as well . I will schedule this for you unless you would rather research yourself –  I have worked with the following companies:

Accurate Termite – Jim Donnelly – 949-461-3390

The Termite Guy  949-940-1010

Newport exterminators – Jeff Harmon -949-261-0700

Otherwise it is the sellers job to get the termite inspection done and give us a copy of the report.

5. Your Loan Broker will need to order an appraisal.

6. Investigate home owners insurance – talk to your loan agent about it and arrange for it to be effective by COE(close of escrow).

7. My TC(transaction Coordinator) , Berenice Rodriguez will also be sending you paper work to sign – if  you have any questions you can always call me or Berenice. Her email is Brodrigueztc@gmail.com and ph is 714-348-0158  Fax: 714-389-4349

8. I will Confirm Home Warranty has been ordered – I use First American Home Buyers Protection Corp – Berenice will take care of this and you will get a confirmation on warranty.

9. Change over utilities, mail, etc to your name starting on COE date.

10. Hire and schedule moving truck if needed. I have clients that have used Air 1 Moving 1-866-800-0791 and ZUNI movers 949-716-7197 and been very happy with their service. Also Units Mobil Storage (Judy) 949-458-3594 has portable storage units for short or long term – Really nice company- good rates.

11. Keep in regular contact with your loan agent to make sure they are on schedule.

12. As we get close to closing date call escrow and get instructions for wiring the rest of your deposit or arrange to drop off a money order.

13. Move into your new home and live happily ever after!!! J

Other Referrals:
David Mercado ( general contractor) 949-285-7582
Bijan Takavoli (contractor and handyman)      –       562-810-5051 or 949-653-5812

Authentic carpentry – Micheal Moyle –  finish carpenter  949-246-1540
Ocean Construction – Patrick Kim 714-875-1441
Shawn Demers- handyman    
Laguna custom shutters – mike philleo – 949-364-1155
Drywall  Contractor – Adam – 949–514–5140
Trugard – carpet cleaning – 949-580-5676 – ask for Vince
Rancho Santa Margarita Glass (windows and doors) 949-709-3600
South County Pool  and Spa – Dante – 949-235-1261
Audio/video – MS cubed inc. 949-922-3622
Chimney Sweep – Lucky Sully – Mike Sullivan – 174-342-7415
Electrician – Sage Electrical – Eddie – 949-400-6544
Plumber – Seacrest Plumbing  949-290-5385
Plumber – Far West Plumbing – Charlie Ball – 949-842-9374
Marine Air, Inc – Heating /AC – Ed – 949-589-9119
Dermatologist – Atoussa Cameron – Jeffery Klein Dermatology – 949-248-1632
Pediatrician – TLC Pediatrics – 949-493-7337

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